When Salt Lake City Calls

October 25, 2007

“When Salt Lake City Calls” by Rocky Hulse

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Is the Mormon Church the Ultimate Lobbyist?

Author examines trustworthiness of Mormons in public office

LONGWOOD, FLToday, Mitt Romney’s bid for the presidency has everybody asking the following questions: Can Americans trust Mormons in public office? Is the Mormon Church the ultimate lobbyist? Could a Mormon who holds a governmental position of authority be forced by their religious beliefs to make a decision contrary to all logic, reason, facts, or evidence? Do Mormons swear allegiance to their church, its prophets and apostles, their living oracles, and the priesthood power they hold? Author Rocky Hulse’s When Salt Lake City Calls: Is There a Conflict Between Mormonism and the Public Trust? (paperback, 978-1-60477-220-3; hardcover, 978-1-60477-221-0) answers these questions and more. “Every year is an election year for public officials around the country,” says Hulse. “Every day appointments are made to fill important governmental positions of authority from the local to the federal level. Can we, the American public, feel confident that our elected or appointed government officials of the Mormon faith will act in the best interest of those they are elected or appointed to represent, or are they in bondage to fulfill the interest of their ‘church’ over the people they serve?” Hulse, a retired Navy veteran, was a Mormon for 31 years before having his beliefs challenged by his born-again wife, Helen. In 1986 he was saved, as he came to realize the Mormon Church’s claim that it was the “only true and living church on the face of the whole earth” was inherently false. He now devotes his time to educating others about the truth of the Mormon Church.

Order online at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/When-Salt-Lake-City-Calls/dp/1604772204

“When Salt Lake City Calls” by Rocky Hulse

International Standard Book Number (ISBN):

Paperback 978-1-60477-220-3

Hardcover 978-1-60477-0

For a copy signed by the author Rocky Hulse contact:


$25.00 Paperback

$35.00 Hardcover





  1. While it’s obvious you are against mormons, I wonder what proof you show that your own religion is from god. It’s funny how christians act like christianity is a religion… it’s not. It’s a collection of about 1000 different sects, all of whom teach opposing doctrine (or otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of them.. right?). So if you were to “prove” the mormons or jews or muslims wrong… which christian church should they join… and why? or does it matter? does god have a thousand outlet stores for his saving grace? if so why would he care which church a person is a member of… including mormonism?
    If you could prove the truth of your own organization it would help me to believe your rantings against other churches. So can you? can you show me why your church is better than the other 999?
    I have my doubts… but maybe you have a way.
    you can write me back at truth@factualreligion.com

    Comment by factsanddata — January 21, 2008 @ 8:33 am | Reply

  2. No, I’m not against Mormons. Mormons are just people who have been deceived; I will admit to being against Mormonism because it is a false teaching when compared to the Bible. The “church” as defined in the Bible is the “Body of Christ,” the believers. The “church” is not an organization, a denomination; Paul clearly teaches us that in the 1st chapter of I Corinthians. Religions are man-made. Jesus came to give us a relationship with Him. He saves us, not a denomination. Any denomination that leads a person to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ is fine by me; again, Jesus saves, not a denomination. Mormonism, by its own definition, teaches a Jesus that cannot be found in Biblical teachings. The Bible is quite clear, Jesus is God come in the flesh to redeem us of our sins. The Jesus of the Bible, JN 1:1, was with God and was God. The Jesus of Mormonism was born as a spirit into the spirit world; is not only Lucifer’s brother, he is brother to all of mankind; was born as the physical offspring of an exalted man who became god and came and had a physical marital relationship with Mary; and had to work out his own salvation on earth before providing ours. There is simply no Biblical support for such teachings. Paul tells us in Gal 1:6-8 if anyone brings another gospel they are to be accursed; well, Mormonism isn’t Biblical so it is by Biblical definition another gospel and therefore to be accursed.

    Get the book and read it. If it’s false you should be able to show that. The book has been out for almost three months and no one has refuted what is contained in its pages; reason being, it is simply quotes from Mormon Prophets and Apostles with some logical commentary in between.

    Comment by whensaltlakecitycalls — January 21, 2008 @ 9:39 pm | Reply

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